Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

What is Wdupload
Wdupload is your online storage space (your Internet Hard Drive), where you will be able to store, access, share and back up all of your files and data. You'll be able to store any file type and file size.
Why use Wdupload?
Wdupload is the only online storage storage company that offers storage for all your data. Our easy to use web Interface gives you instant access to all of the data stored on your account. That is: documents, files, photos, music, video, contacts information, favorite sites, and your daily tasks and events. Wdupload offers many solutions for your data. Store your data online, and have a convenience of accessing it anytime-anywhere, protect it from computer crashes and viruses, and easily share your data with anybody.
What are the system requirements?
To use Wdupload services you need to have Internet connection and Windows XP or higher, or Mac OSX. Wdupload supports the following browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
What types of files can I upload to my Wdupload account?
You can upload any file type to your account however it should meet wdupload TOS. If you have enough space on your account you may store and share any file type and size.
Who can I share my files with?
Wdupload puts you in full control of your data. You will be able to share files and folders with anybody. Sharing is easy and secure. Others will only be able to see what's shared with them and your other data stays private. There is no limit on the number of people with whom you can share your data.
What kind of transfer speeds can I expect?
Wdupload does not limit its users with transfer speeds. You'll be able to utilize full transfer speeds provided by your Internet Service Provider.
What kind of premium packages do you offer?
Wdupload services range from Free Account which gives you 1 GB of storage to Platinum Plan which gives you up to 500 GB. If you need more space we will be glad to create a custom storage plan for you. For more information about our plans, Contact Us.
Do you offer SSL?

Do you support online watching option?
No Wdupload does not support online watching.
How can I upload files to your website?
There are three different ways to upload files:

You can select files from your computer.
You can provide a link and use the Remote Upload.
You can upload files through FTP client app.
Can I see the files or folder that I've deleted.
Yes. There is a Trash bin where you can see all the files you have deleted from your File manager. You can find your trash bin at the bottom of your File manager or by clicking the menu button at the top please keep in a notice that Trash bin store your deleted files just for 7 days after 7 days Trash bn get emptied automatically.
How do I cancel a subscription?
We exclusively offer one-time payment. Any further steps in order to cancel an upgrade are not required